For the last few years at NSCC we have been in the process of building a gymnasium/Church building. After many hang ups with permitting and various other setbacks, we are now on track to put the building to good use. We are working on some of the final aspects that will allow us to have a use permit for the building. At NSCC we understand that the building is not “The Church”, but people are. That being said we also believe that God has given us a great tool to bless the community and to grow the church. The building doubles as a gym for Kauai Christian Academy who have graciously let meet on their property for over ten years. We are exited and hopeful that we will be able to use the building soon! We would like to thank everyone who has invested time, energy, and finances into this project. We are still in need of finances to finish up. Please pray about what you can give. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Pastors Steve Thompson or Troy Gall and they can direct in that area.

Contact info:

Steve Thompson Tel. 808-635-6558 Email.

Troy Gall Tel. 808-346-5086 Email.